Saturday, November 28, 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers Annual Cyber Monday and Bonus Tuesday Sales

  We've been waiting all year and now the time has come!    
  Teachers Pay Teachers is having their annual Cyber
  Monday and Bonus Tuesday sale!  Fill up your carts then 
  pay on Monday or Tuesday!  

  Don't forget to enter Promo Code SMILE at checkout!

Encouraging Children you Love!

Everywhere you look in Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, (you name it), you'll see posts on Growth vs. Fixed Mindset.  Clicking through these posts I was intrigued.  (Not "explore it before I take another breath" intriguing.  More like "this looks interesting.  I may look into it over Christmas or Summer" intriguing.  

Then, a friend (Julie R.) sent me this video and it changed everything. 

It's only 4:52.  Watch for yourself and see if it doesn't change your mind about not only how to encourage your students, but how to encourage the children in your family!