Sunday, July 9, 2017

Share YouTube Videos with Students? NEVER! Unless...

There is an expansive universe of educational, engaging, and entertaining videos in YouTube.

So would I share YouTube Videos with my students?  

NEVER!!!  ...Unless...I can make them safe.  
How I do that is the subject of this video.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Looking for a Free No-Prep way to Review?

Turn a plain review into an exciting GAME!!!

Grab your task cards, review questions or vocabulary words, go to your desktop computer and click on the following link:

This site by Watson College of Education at the University of  North Carolina Wilmington, features:
  • Whole Class Games designed to involve the entire class at the same time, for use in a classroom setting where the teacher has their computer hooked up to a projector or large screen TV.
  •   Individual Games, designed to be used 1:1 computer and student.  Just input your questions, and the template has built in many games around them. As the student answer your questions the mini games get harder.  
  • Games Requiring No Preparation - Some downloadable templates are fully functional ready to play, you just grab your vocabulary or review questions and put the game up on the screen. 
  • Board Game Templates in Microsoft Word
  • Bingo Card Generator in Microsoft Excel Version 2003 or higher for Windows. 

Some games have YouTube tutorials, like Horse Race or Beach Rally:

Many features are free.  But, there is an upgrade to the Premium Website available for $19.99.

Hope you and your students have a blast - learning while playing!!!!